Why are we doing this?

Mission of RTAX.org

The private non-profit research project RTAX aims to support musicians and developers. At a time when traditional retail is raising the price of music products and production volumes are falling due to "social distancing", musicians' incomes are declining.

In all countries, this is almost not compensated by the governments, as if the musical culture does not need support, unlike other industries. To receive subsidies, you need to be a "court" musician, or instead of creativity, participate in social activities and in various traditional associations. Let's develop our industry on our own!

We try to make lossless, lossless, multi-channel, high-speed, real-time audio transmission available to all musicians. Available solutions are either too expensive or overly complex for home studios.


The concept of Open Source allows you not only to use for free , but to modify, supplement and customize the tools that you use. We want to expand this concept and add the possibility of self-assembly of devices for your tasks, as well as changing their purpose.

At the same time, you do not need to buy expensive equipment with support for our technologies or AES67. You can assemble the setup yourself from the available components, choose a supplier to your taste, or adapt the source code to your fleet of devices.

Discussions and help from the RTAX Community are traditionally open to everyone on the appropriate resources. Following the principles of Open Source, only technical support or assembly of an individual setup is paid. Technology should not gather dust on the table, join the evolution of sound processing!