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Acoustic, Electroguitar, Bass-guitar

The #booster pedal for electric guitar amplifies the signal entering the line input from the instrument, and thus provides a clean, tight and very light overdrive "warming up" the amp or guitar cabinet head.

Controlling the sound of the effect is intuitive and clear. The signature sound of the pedal allows the player to get a rich instrument sound, enriched with frequencies, and maintain the dynamics of the musical part.

  • Level (Volume Level)
  • Low (Low Frequency)
  • Hi (Hi Frequency)
  • Boost (Boost Intensity)

Minimum output level -20 dBu
Input impedance 1 MOhm
Current consumption 45 mA
Power Socket Center ⌀ 2.1 mm
Resistance 50 kOhm

Pedals are assembled in production in batches of 50 pcs. or more by prior order. Due to circumstances beyond our control, retail sales are temporarily suspended.

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Multiinstrumental product
Electroguitar, Bass
Multiinstrumental product
Acoustic, Electroguitar, Bass